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FIELD TRIPS: Petals of Madrigal

  • Fri, April 14, 2023
  • 10:00 AM



FIELD TRIPS Petals of Madrigal

Petals of Madrigal Field Trip Rescheduled 

Due to forecast of more rain and her  saturated garden, the owner  requested a change for the tour. 

New date is Friday, April 14. Tour starts at 10. 

8580 Chevy Chase Dr.

La Mesa, CA 91941

Please sign up if you can make it to this event on the website or contact Sherry Hebert at or call or text to 619-346-1154

Carpooling is recommended. Meet at Liberty Station. Corner of Historic Decatur and Chauncey. Near Seahive. Carpool departs at 9:30am.

Lunch at Brigatine in La Mesa for those interested. 

Petals of Madrigal

Join us as we tour a private garden in La Mesa. This quote is taken from the website: “Madrigal is the private estate of Ellen Arcadi, RH, MPH, an artist, and creative. thinker who dreamed Madrigal into reality. Ellen will help you discover the artist within by forging new pathways to Spirit and a reconnection to the Earth. Through her journey, inspirations, and life forces she followed her spirit and connected with the essence of this land to develop a better understanding of the Purpose of Becoming All You Can Become.” “As you walk the Gardens of Madrigal, you will feel the magical energies that flow through its pathways and special places. On this walking meditation you will discover the many flowers, trees, animals and pieces of inspired art that call this place home.”

Some important things to note:

This is a property with multiple homes. Please respect the privacy of those tenants.

1. The driveway we will be walking down to enter the garden is very steep.

2. We will meet as a whole group at the “Sculpture Tree” at 10AM

3. Parking is on a residential street. The homes/garden are on a corner. Drive around the corner and past the driveway to park. There are curbs and sidewalks there. It is also quite hilly!

4. Carpooling is STRONGLY recommended.

5. Check out the website gallery to see pictures of the garden.

Petals of Madrigal

It’s special! We will meet for lunch (of course) after the tour. The Brigantine in La Mesa serves lunch, so that’s a possibility. There’s ample parking. If anyone has suggestions for other places, let Sherry Hebert know.

Sherry Hebert-Field Trip

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